In order to position itself in the health field, the LBP AM Group Foundation has elected to operate through calls for projects.

The LBP AM Group Foundation has established projects offering a response to the issues created by the current crisis as the priority from now to the end of 2020 in order to reduce vulnerabilities and inequalities that have worsened.

The exponential increase in new cases and the effects of preventative measures (social distancing, quarantines) have had significant knock-on effects on mental health and post-traumatic stress problems throughout the French population.

The fear of infection, reduction in social interaction and physical activity, and the increase in stress, boredom and frustration… several studies have confirmed that the Covid-19 pandemic, the loss of familiar routines and the reduction in social contact have increased the risk of psychological problems for individuals, particularly those in the most precarious situations, who are often the most vulnerable.

We are not all equal in the face of this crisis: people struggling financially or living in overcrowded conditions; women and children who are the victims of abuse, or people with close relatives who fall ill, are amongst the most severely exposed. Moreover, some media content may constitute an additional stress factor, particularly for individuals who are psychologically vulnerable.

In the face of these difficulties, the LBP AM Group Foundation has committed to helping organisations working in the field to provide a response to the psychological problems of the most exposed and vulnerable populations, through the creation of specific programmes or alternative and innovative care pathways. It is worth remembering that 84 million people in European Union, or 17% of the population, are affected by mental health problems in some way.

HEALTH - Target Groups



Isolated people, homeless people

Asylum seekers and refugees

Former prisoners



People with substance abuse issues

People living in medical-social facilities or under the care of a psychiatric facility





The LBP AM Group Foundation funded L’ENVOL’s 2021 respite stay, dedicated to children with sickle cell disease and their families.

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Le Cabinet Associatif

The LBP AM Group Foundation funded Le cabinet Associatif in 2020 to carry out 1,000 hours of consultation for 6 months.

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L'Amicale du Nid

The LBP AM Group Foundation funded in 2021 l’Amical du Nid to set up a Mental Health component for minors accompanied by the association.

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Engagement Committee

The Health Committee meets several times each year to analyse and select projects in the field of Education from a short-list prepared by the Foundation team.


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